Photo by Saroyan Humphrey

Photo by Saroyan Humphrey

Dr. Wetschler’s lectures discuss the experience of death, paralysis, and a remarkable recovery.  Weaving in his expertise of burnout and the psychology of elite-athletic performance. The goal of these lectures is to distill valuable mental frameworks for self-optimization, resilience, durational effort, and, ultimately success inside intensely demanding and uncertain endeavors.

Prior to his injury, Dr. Wetschler toured nationally to renowned institutions such as Harvard, Duke, and Stanford. He is able to align with a variety of team experiences or needs including: the phenomenon of burnout, well-being, and personal optimization. He has given his new lecture at f 500 companies, healthcare organizations, and a variety of silicon valley startups. He was recently selected to be the 2019 Keynote speaker for American Academy of Emergency Medicine.

Testimonial: "Dr. Wetschler is an outstanding speaker. His story was engaging, stirring and inspirational, a thought-provoking perspective on can all approach our work with energy and endurance. I would gladly recommend him to any organization interested in promoting the values motivation and resilience amongst employees."

-Joanne Bradford, COO SoFi